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Hello Spot boulderers!  Psychedelia is here this week and its gonna be nuts.  Here is a video from last year to give you an idea of what is to come if you have not experienced a true Psychedelia yet…

The route setters at The Spot take costumes very seriously.  We would like to offer some tips on what might be a good costume and what might be a seriously bad choice this Psychedelia. 

First we will start off with some very bad choices and why they are such aweful decisions…


Sunny and Sher do not belog at Psychedelia and not only will this not glow under black light but seriously, this couple looks absolutly stupid.


Although this costume is totally rad and would almost certainly light up like a Christmas tree under the black lights, the functionaluity of this suit is less then desireable.  Remember, you are going to have to climb, drink free beer, and hug your friends when you send hard routes, so keep the hand weapons to a minimum…

So now that you have an idea of what not to wear, we have decided to give you a few ideas for your costume this year that will really knock your socks off.


This is a great example of black light paint usage, you can get really detailed and you get to paint on your friends and then come to the Spot and get Psychedelic.


This is a great example of a spectator costume that might be the best costume ever, black light or not, and it will almost certainly get some attention in the costume contest.


We could learn a lot from “Tron Guy”.  His costume has all the essentials for Psychedelia.  Skin tight, glowing, original, and slightly awkward.  The perfect costume for Psychedelia…

We are looking forward to the biggest comp of the season and if you are not there you are truly going to be missing one of the best partys / comps of the year.

See you on Saturday!

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  1. May 19, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    Great blog you have here and thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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