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Psychedelia – Aftershock

Psychedelia turned out amazing this year, with some truly next-generation tape art by many talented volunteers and some hold paintings that qualified as works of art. The gym was packed for both the youth session (12-4) and the adult session (5-8) and all the Avery Beer and Wahoo’s tacos were consumed as climbers and spectators alike hung out for the exciting pro finals and large raffle. DJ Dirt Monkey did us right, increasing the tempo of his music to fit perfectly with the excitement of finals as the top 7 men and 6 women gave their all on the pumpy wide-pinch pvc pipes we bolted to the walls of the Dojo.

The view from above at Psychedelia 2009, photo courtesy UCMag

The view from above at Psychedelia 2009, photo courtesy UCMag

In the end, Paul Robinson won the men’s open finals with a confident flash of a powerful problem that bouted all other comers.  Adam Markert, climbing in his spiderman suit, got second after pumping out on the headwall.  Matt Wilder misread the beta at the top of the pipe, and after doing a committing move to a small crimp (i.e. foothold) he ran out of time and was forced to accept third place.  Other finalists for men were visiting Frenchman Sebastien Drissi, Chase Cazedeseuss, Dev Ranjan, and Geoff Sluyter.

The Women’s finals were perhaps more exciting, as first climber (and last comp’s 3rd place winner) Anne Tedesco campused out the women’s angling pvc pipe first try.  After getting her wrong heel up she fell off the next move, and was so worked she was unable to reach her previous high point in the remainder of her four minutes.  Kristen Felix went next, and having missed a rule was called off on her first go.  Her next few goes she got to the middle of the pipe, but was unable to reach Anne’s highpoint.  Gabi Masse came next, and to the crowd’s delight pulled onto the headwall and made a new highpoint on her second go.  Chelsea Rude matched Gabi’s highpoint on her flash attempt, and was able to reach the next hold as well before falling to the mats.  The last two competitors, World Cup Champions Alex Johnson and Alex Puccio, looked extremely strong on the pipe, with Alex Johnson crushing four holds past Chelsea (and only two holds from the top) before succumbing to a foot slip.  Alex Puccio did slightly better, with her foot staying on the volume long enough for her to grab the next hold before falling.

The monster on the front of the Hueco boulder, photo courtesy UCMag

The monster on the front of the Hueco boulder, photo courtesy UCMag

Some highlights of the citizen’s comp were the mouth problem, in which competitors climbed out the sharp teeth of the huge monster on the front of the Hueco boulder, and the coffin problem, where you had to climb in and close the door on yourself to complete the problem–scary!!

The costume contest was a hit as well, with everything from 50’s swingers to two giant sharpies to a guy dressed like poop and twins painted with graffiti battling it out for first place.  After much applause, chief judge Annika Heid declared the winner to be a girl dressed like a giant chicken, since her luminescent white feathered wings and body and bright orange mohawk seemed to win the crowd over.  At the youth comp most of the teams came dressed in theme, with the ABC/BRC kids in tutus (yes, even the boys) and team Sik Bird from Movement painted with wings.

Photos are slowly showing up on Facebook, and we should have some soon here as well.  Results will be posted sometime early this week.  Thanks everyone for coming and helping make this the best Psychedelia yet!!!

(Oh yeah, and if you missed it the comp but want to see the blacklights we’ll be leaving them on all day today, Sunday, October 25th, as well, for open blacklight climbing.)

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