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Hueco, Round 2

I’d like to be able to write “Update from the Sun” again, but, sadly, it is raining here.  There’s a fairly long story as to how Chris and I ended up here instead of in France, as we’d planned, but I won’t bore you with it.  The short of it is that we had to change our plans so on January 12th, instead of landing at Charles de Gaulle, we set off for Bishop with great optimism (and I with many undone long standing projects).  We drove the sixteen hours straight, arrived after midnight, threw our stuff out of the truck, crawled in the back, and went to sleep.

We woke up to over an inch of snow, snow that had first been rain, and so all our stuff was soaked.  It was disheartening, after the disappointment of not being in France.  Luckily, Bishop being Bishop, by lunchtime it had all cleared up, the sun was out, and our stuff was drying out.

Joyous blue skies

Fortunately for us, the snow soon melted and the Buttermilks looked like this for the next five days.  We had a really nice time, and I climbed a couple of problems I’ve always wanted to do, and we saw some friends we hadn’t seen in a while.  Everything was looking great, but unfortunately, El Nino was on the way.

Impending doom

This storm sat in the mountain for two whole days before plunging down upon the Buttermilks, and it’s projected 15 days of heavy precipitation was too much to ignore.  We packed up as the snow began to fall and got on the road again–back to Hueco.

Charlie Barrett flashing Dirty Martini on the Rocks

Our first day in Hueco was windy, but beautiful–good for the heart.  Our friend Charlie Barrett (from Bishop, coincidentally) was on the last day of his 10 day trip there, and so Chris and I spent our first day back hanging out with Charlie and watching him crush every problem he got on.  This next photo sequence is of Chris trying to stick the dyno on the broken (and still, to our knowledge, undone) Martini on the Rocks.  He and Charlie put in some valiant efforts, but neither quite managed to stick the wild swing.

Starting the swing


and a tricky landing

Since then it’s been windy some days, rainy some days, humid some days, and (thankfully) some days rather nice.

Back in Boulder the Spot crew should be setting up for the fourth and last comp in this year’s SBS–The Gladiator Finals!!!  Get psyched!!!

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