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Hold Company Highlight — The DRCC

The Master from the DRCC

If you climb at the Spot you’ve seen The Master.  Ours is red, white, and blue, and he graces our walls in all orientations, from his slopey head and eye sockets to his underclingy teeth and pinchy cheekbones.  You may not know where he came from though.

The Master is just one of the innovative holds shaped and poured by our friends from Detroit Rock Climbing Company, i.e. The DRCC.  The DRCC guys own a couple of gyms in Michigan that you might have heard of–The Planet Rock Gyms.  Planet Rock Ann Arbor is the larger of the facilities, and besides some seriously tall walls (they’ve hosted USAC SCS Junior Nationals several times), they’ve got a bouldering loft, a ropes course, and a pirate bridge!  Most of the cool stuff is thought up and built by Nick and Vince Cocciolone, brothers who love climbing and love making their climbing gyms the absolute best.

DRCC D Slopers Series

DRCC Slots

Out of their love for climbing and their gyms, Nick and Vince decided that the best way to get the shapes they wanted would be to make their own holds.  They shaped some foam, experimented with polyurethane, and the DRCC was born.

As seen at The Spot: DRCC Master, D Slopers, and Slots.

We only have a few sets so far at the Spot, but we love ’em.  What do you guys think?

  1. Robyn
    March 14, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    DDC makes the best holds ever.

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