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Quick update and The Battle in The Bubble

Setting Update:

Between Tuesday and Wednesday the whole crew (Carlo, JJ, Jon, Jonny, Jackie, and Garrett) reset the entirety of the Font Boulder.  Today Garrett, Jon and Jonny are coming in to add some jug hauls to it, for all you folks looking for better warm-up opportunities.  

Some highlights of the re-set are JJ and Jonny’s crimpy slab problems, Jon’s black w/white dots sloper masterpiece (on the south/right side of the boulder), Jackie’s orange dyno and red lock-off problems (also on the south side), Garrett’s brown on the north side (with a dyno to the climb-it hueco!) and brown on the front with the sweet left foot pogo, and Carlo’s green on the front (west).  And pretty much everything else.  Hope you guys like ’em!

Battle in The Bubble Update:

Steven Jeffrey is going to be the head setter for The Battle in The Bubble.  This is wonderful news, because Steven Jeffrey is awesome!  He has been climbing, competing, and setting for a long time, so he has a ton of experience and a distinctly different perspective on setting then most of the other folks here in the US of A.  We’re super excited to see what he comes up with to make The Battle in The Bubble the most awesome climbing event Boulder has ever seen!!!

Steven Jeffrey

  1. andy
    March 26, 2010 at 10:58 am

    i like the north face problem on the font. fun climbing!

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