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The Font Challenge!

There is a new standard developing in the Spot for hard bouldering and training.  With 6 setters putting up problems twice a week we have developed a very solid 5 spot base on each boulder.  The Setters have been filling each section of wall to the max from simple jug hauls to complicated 5+ Spot mega projects.

As a result, each main area of the Spot (River, Font, Hueco, and Dojo) is loaded with 4 and 5 spot boulders making for an interesting challenge–to climb EVERY problem on a particular section of the Spot in a day.  Simple enough.  Garrett, Jonny and I first started the Challenge on the Font boulder and about half way through we realized we had gotten in pretty deep.  The Font right now has over fifteen 5 spot boulders and over fifteen 4 spots as well.  On the River wall this might not be a big deal since most of the probems are only 3 or 4 moves long, but when you are climbing on Font, Hueco, or Dojo you are doing 5-8 moves in a row plus a topout. 

Jonny, Garrett, and I were able to make it through the Font challenge but we were destroyed and the half hour of core training we did at the end didn’t make it feel any easier…

The following week, when we’d recovered from the Font challenge, we reset the front of Hueco and added twelve 5 spot boulders, bringing the total to over thirty problems 4 spot and harder.  The 5 spots that we added all turned out to be either very reasonable or mind bendingly hard.  Garrett and I were able to get very close to completing the Hueco Challenge, but we didn’t quite make it, getting shut down by the 5+ dyno and the black and yellow 5+ in the small scoop. As of today, I believe that Carlo is still the only one to have done the 5+ dyno up the center of the wall.  SICK.

Feel free to leave a comment on here if you complete a challenge…  we are trying to figure out an award for those who complete the challenge.  A kids size frosty, a free trip to Flagstaff to watch Carlo climb Undercling Traverse, or even a free p90x core training DVD!

It doesnt get more enticing then that…

~ Jon G.

  1. Carlo
    March 30, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    I finished it!!! Hueco Challenge complete! I can’t wait to watch myself on flagstaff. Oh and the kids size frosty. Oh my!

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