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Wednesday Setting Update, and another way to use the holds…

Today we worked on the right side (the cave and the vert wall) of the Dojo.  Because of the steep nature of the Dojo, it was hard for us to set very many easy problems, however, on the prow/arete on the right side of the cave there are a few new problems in the 3-/3 range.  There is also a gigantic jug haul that goes straight out the roof from the back left corner, and it’s given 4- due to the angle and length, but the holds are truly gigantic the whole way.  Carlo and a couple of other setters are going to come in tomorrow as well, and fill the wall some more.

I was going through my iphone pictures today and noticed a couple of pictures with something in common.  The first two are Jay Jay, and a clever use of hold she came up with when we were joking around while setting the Font a few weeks ago.

Jay Jay

From the side:


I think we’d all forgotten about this by today, but today Jon was putting the scarab up in the Dojo, and came up with this:

Jon is ridiculous

We’re calling him the Hunchback of Notre Dojo.  He tends to the holds.

The Hunchback of Notre Dojo in action

  1. rami annab
    April 9, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    HAHAHA!!! Jon the hunchback! haha

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