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Construction Stage 1 :: Downstairs Demolition

If you’ve been to the Spot recently you’ve probably (ha!) noticed that we are in the throes of a remodel.  When I was a kid my parents remodeled a house and we lived in a condo for a year.  I never got why we didn’t just stick it out in the house while it was being worked on.  Now I know.

The White Curtain of Construction

I’m exaggerating, of course.  Nobody has to try and sleep at the Spot, and besides the dust, and the noise, and the blue potties, it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it be (except the day they were cutting concrete–whoo!).  Anyways, thanks for sticking with us cause when we get the new wall in it’ll all be worth it.

Before the picture above happened, on the very first day of the remodel, we were minding our own business and setting routes.  Then we saw them start to sledge the walls down and we quickly ran over and demanded to be a part of it.  If you’ve never destroyed an office (especially your office), trust us, it’s satisfying.

Jon and Carlo giving it to the doorframes

We started by breaking off the door frames.  There is an approved technique for this sort of work, but we just sorta had at it.

Carlo getting the angst out with the claw end of a hammer

After the trim was off, Jonny was given a sawsall so he could cut the doorframe out whole, that way the door could be reused and also it makes less of a mess.

Jonny Hork using his bolt cutting skills for wood

Notice Jon in the background, sledge at the ready.  After the door was out we all began breaking down the wall with crowbars and sledgehammers (and Jon’s karate kicks).

Yeah, it was hard to breathe...

After we’d taken out one wall and were partially done with the next we realized there were still a few things that needed to be evacuated from the climbing school office before it was completely destroyed.

Jon making off with the safe?! No, it's just the file cabinet...

Here is a picture Carlo took when it was my turn with the sledge hammer

We're getting there...

Then we went to lunch, and back to setting, and those guys finished the job.  It was fun while it lasted though!

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  1. Donna
    April 22, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    I feel your pain…we’ve been remodeling that house in Fredericksburg since before November, and you know about our unfinished digs! The end result will be worth it. And I like the idea of the karate kicks…I may have to give that a try!

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