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Construction Update 2 :: Upstairs Demolition

After we destroyed the offices, a trained crew carefully removed the appliances from the cafe and the big mirrors from the yoga room and took down everything upstairs as well.

Where the yoga room used to be

The new design will have the offices sort of where the cafe was, plus sticking out over the concrete below on a new platform that was built out to the big vertical i-beams at the edge of the blue floor.  Sorry if this is hard to visualize, but it’s the best I can do.  Here is a picture of the space where the office will jut out.

Imagine two new horizontal beams between those vertical beams. The floor will be built out to it.

Then they cut away the flooring from the yoga room and took out the floor (the office’s old ceiling) to make room for the new 19′ tall climbing wall that will be going in there.

And light is coming in!

And the stairway is gone too.  Here’s another view of where the offices used to be:

A gaping hole that used to be our busy office.

The construction zone was hardhat for all the construction guys, but we just wandered through cause our temporary office was located upstairs in the conference room.  Luckily we were all careful and nothing fell on our heads, but Julia had a near miss…

Look down Julia!!!

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