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Construction Update 3 :: The White Curtain + CCS Regionals Wrap-up

Last week we were delighted when the office space had been cleared out enough to allow us to use the space again.  Josh and the construction guys moved the white curtain back and now all the space from behind the desk to the back wall is usable, and it’s amazing how much space that is!

Scaling back the White Curtain


The extra space came in really handy for the Collegiate Climbing Series Regionals we had last weekend.  Our buddy EZ came with tons of Evolve shoes for the competitors to demo, and other companies like The Access FundSunflower Farmers MarketMix 1RushClimb On!Half FastLeave No TraceClif BarMetolius and Neptune Mountaineering showed up or donated food or prizes.  Just like all Spot comps, this 2 part event that culminated with men’s and women’s O11 finals problems.

The finals problems looked tough, with the women being stuck with difficult pinches and the men with a powerful sideways throw.  Finally, CU Climbing Team member (and pro competitor) Gabi Masse figured out the difficult sequence on the women’s problem, only to fall at the top.  Kara Caputo climbed next and, after a surprise slip on her first go, managed to hang on to be the first person to send the problem.  The last climber, Chauncenia Cox, (a US National Team member) managed not to slip off the big pinch (though things looked questionable for a minute) and flashed the problem to retain her first place standing and win $50.  On the men’s side the throw was shutting everybody down until, on what looked like his last try, Gabor Szekely got his foot high and static-ed the move, then continued another move and a half before falling off near the top.  His performance landed him in first place, and he also took home $50.

For the rest of the competitors there was a raffle and general booty-throwing, followed by awards.  Everyone was gone by 9:30 or so, and the gym was left in pretty good shape.  We’d like to thank Ben Spannuth for organizing and running what turned out to be a wonderful event.

Ben Spannuth getting some love from Jon

New space!

Back to the construction–Josh moved the old locker room lockers around to create what Jon as dubbed “The Changing Maze.”  Now there are men’s and a women’s changing room with lockers and doors made out of lovely banners.  It’s nicer being at the desk too–it’s so much more open!

Construction is continuing behind the curtain, and as our schedule shows, we are expecting to be done by the time the new wall is ready to go in.  Thanks for bearing with us!  It’ll be worth it!!

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