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Battle in The Bubble Title Hold Sponsor Announced!

Climb-It Holds out of Southern California will be the title Hold Sponsor for the finals of The Battle in The Bubble.  This means they are providing all the holds for the 10 awesome finals problems we’re gonna set!  That doesn’t mean all the problems will be the same style–far from it.  We’re not sure what we’re using for the comp yet, cause Climb-it makes tons of different kinds of holds (check out their website to see most of ’em) but some of our favorites are these bad boys:

Climb-It Southern Sandstones 3XL

The Souther Sandstone 3XL is one of my favorite Climb-It shapes.  You may recognize this one (we have a couple of ’em at The Spot, one yellow, one orange) cause we use it all the time.  It’s big enough to match, big enough to heelhook, even big enough to mantle on, but still challenging and versatile enough to be found anywhere from vertical 3+ spots to the hardest 5 spots.  It’s Climb-It’s Boss, and one of the most awesome big slopers on the market.

Climb-It Moderate XL Slopers

We have a couple of these at The Spot as well (they’re blue) and we’re looking forward to using more.  These slopers provide a good challenge on vertical to slightly overhanging walls (think the river granite, the Font, the left and far right sides of the Dojo, and the backside and headwalls of the Hueco) but they’re a little…slopey…to be used on the steepest terrain in the gym.  We love ’em cause they’re great for setting technical problems, difficulty deadpoints, and arete squeezes.

Climb-It Powerpinch 1

Whooo!  We don’t have these, but we wish we did.  Big slopey pinchy goodness.  They make several versions of the Powerpinch, and we want ’em all!  POWERPINCHES!!!!!

Climb-It Patina Crimps A

These are some great technical holds–whether they’re used as gastons, pinches, or straight crimps, they’re all different sizes, some have thumb catches, some have thumb wraps, some are good feet, others aren’t, and most of ’em have a nice lip so they can be used on steep walls (even the cave of the Dojo!).  If you’re setting a rope climb, several of them could even be technical (but not impossible) clipping holds!  Our set is yellow, and we use them all the time on problems from 3- to 5+.  Check ’em out next time you’re at The Spot and let us know what you think!!!

Stay tuned for more info on the Battle in The Bubble and our title hold sponsor — Climb-It Holds!!!

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