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Kevin Jorgeson to help set The Battle in The Bubble

Kevin Jorgeson | pic courtesy Chuch Fryberger | CORE

Professional climber and all around cool guy Kevin Jorgeson will be joining us to help set the Battle in the Bubble!!!  Kevin has been climbing and setting for almost 11 years, and got started at his home gym – Vertex Climbing Center – in Santa Rosa, California (where our very own Carlo Traversi also hails from).  Now he’s a world famous climber with numerous ascents and first ascents, video segments, sponsors, advertising photos, and…causes?  Yep, Kevin is heavily involved with making the climbing world a better place.  He advocates respectful, responsible, and professional behavior from all climbers, especially pro athletes.  Part of Kevin’s vision is the newly-formed Professional Climbers International (PCI).  The PCI has many goals but all are focused on helping climbers, and the climbing industry, improve and succeed while promoting a good public image of climbing that has a strong base in the actions of every climber, from the pros to the newest newbie.  Kevin has helped us out at the Spot before, not to mention competed in numerous competitions, both nationally and internationally, so we’re really excited he is going to be a part of The Battle in The Bubble.

Kevin working out his current project on El Cap

More on Kevin:

Website – Kevin Jorgeson.com

Blog – Kevin Jorgeson

Kevin on some of his sponsor’s sites – Asana ClimbingMarmotFive TenBlack Diamond Equipment

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