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DRCC Semifinals Holds Arrive!!!


So last night (though it’s still tonight to me, cause I haven’t gone to bed yet!) we stripped the entire gym in preparation for tomorrow’s semifinals setting.

Nice Slot!

Then we spent some time playing with the DRCC holds that arrived earlier today.  They really went all-out and sent us some incredible color combinations and unique comp pours.

Some DRCC Dual-tex masterpieces

Their Dual-tex is the best any of us have ever seen.  It literally feels like you are touching glass–it’s that slick.  Another nice thing about the DRCC is the way they put little love touches on their holds.  Like these veins on the back of their bolt-on volume:

Sweet Veins!

Notice the proliferation of t-nuts on this baby. They're all sunk straight into the polyurethane, and are perfectly straight!

And the many options they gave us on the volume for screws, or bolts.  Oh, and the striped colors?  That took some serious effort.  Thanks Brian!!!  And Vince, and Nick, and Allison!  We are really psyched to get these beauties up on our walls!

Oh yeah, and here’s my favorite touch:

It's not a very good picture, but see the little heart on this baby?

And one more, with Jay Jay and her favorite hold:

"It looks like I got shot!" She says.

So make sure you come to the Spot on the morning of Saturday, May 15th, for the semifinals of the Battle in The Bubble!  You’ll get to watch the pros climb on these holds and problems, which is awesome cause they’re the only problems from the comp that will stay up in the gym (except for possibly some dojo citizen’s problems), and you’ll have the pros’ beta so you can try and climb them yourselves!

Thanks Detroit Rock Climbing Company!!!

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