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More Sneak Peeks and a Brief Construction Update

Hokay, so we finished the DRCC semi-finals today and the citizen’s crew is hard at work RIGHT THIS MINUTE setting the redpoint comp for you all. That might not sound dramatic right this minute, since it’s only 9:39 pm, but if you read this at 2 am they’re probably still there. Thanks citizen’s/qualifiers setters!!!  Here are a few more sneak peeks at our semis:

Oh man, those mini feature jibs are amazing!!!

We messed up a little and didn’t request enough holds to make an all DRCC semis like we had planned, so we had to supplement a bit from our stock.  Be prepared for awesomeness.

Complimentary pinches...

Sweet sloper goodness...

Super Shells!

Come to the Spot on Saturday, May 15th, to see these holds, and many more, challenge some of the best climbers in America (and a couple of the best boulderers in the world).  More holds – Detroit Rock Climbing Company

Oh yeah, and here are a couple of construction pics.

The new office space

More new office space.

For schedule, etc, check the Battle in The Bubble links on the sidebar.  See you all on Friday for the citizen’s comp and pro qualifiers!

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