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Setting Update – After the Battle

If you came to the gym any time last week you saw that we spent every day adding a bunch of problems to the River, Font, Dojo, and front of the Hueco boulders.

It's official, the wall is in!

The new wall (Jonny wants to call it “The Beach”, what do you think?) was installed by Thursday, so on Friday we began setting it and getting the pads set up.

Jonny replacing Jon's "Guillotine" problem--with a less scary ending...

We put back up most of the comp problems–all that would still fit once the walls were put into the gym in a slightly different orientation than they’d been at The Battle in The Bubble–and added a bunch of new stuff as well.  One thing we tried to do was give you enough jug hauls to climb down a bit since you can’t top this wall out.

The Asana puzzle--square pegs, round hole, sort of...

Luckily, we also got most of the 2′ cushy comp flooring put in, so falling from the top should be no big deal.  However, make sure you learn how to land properly on these uneven squishy pads before you go dynoing for the top.  We’ll have a new orientation to help you get the swing of things once the wall is open.  That’s all for now, gotta go set the other side!

Carlo was obsessed with the lift.

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