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Vail World Cup Shannon Forsman Photos and Media Update

From left to right: Alex Johnson, Alex Puccio, Juliane Wurm, Chloe Graftiaux, Maud Ansade, Anna Stohr, Daniel Woods, Jernej Kruder, Francois Kaiser, Kilian Fischuber, Tsukuru Hori, and Wouter Jongeneelen | 2010 World Cup Finalists | Shannon Forsman

Shannon Forsman, who you may remember from the Women’s Semifinals Video, is also a talented photographer.  Some of her work will be featured in the upcoming issue of Dead Point Magazine.  I particularly liked her Vail images because they captured a bit of rawness from the competitors that most of the other pictures I have seen lacked.  Here’re a couple more that don’t at all illustrate what I mean, but are cool to look at nevertheless:

The amazing upside down girl | Shannon Forsman

Tricky toes | Shannon Forsman

And here are a few links to more World Cup info:

1. World Cup 2010 Qualifiers, Semi-Finals, and Finals wrap-ups that I put together for Deadpoint Magazine. They were pretty hastily put together, so please excuse them for not being perfect.  We wanted to make sure there was info getting out there for people who couldn’t make it to the event in a more timely manner than climbing media usually manages to get comp news out there.  The pictures are all in the finals section.

2. World Cup 2010 videos that Jon Glassberg put together with Louder Than 11.  I’ll imbed one, but for the rest click the link.

3. Pics from Ben Fullerton who you will remember also took some awesome photos of The Battle in the Bubble a few weeks ago.

Next up–Vail World Cup Top 10 Falls.

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