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A little more Vail 2010 and a Setting Update for June 8 and 9

Daniel Woods can often be found at The Spot, or on the front page of the paper!

Late night forerunning in Vail | Jackie Hueftle

Official final scores for Men

Official final scores for Women

Jonny Hork Forerunning Women's Semis on Friday night

Oh yeah, and Rock and Ice made a semifinals highlights video HERE.

Back at the Spot, this week things finally got back to normal after several weeks of competition setting and resetting.  Though Jonny was still in Vail and recovering from Vail, and Jay Jay is in California, Garret, Carlo, Jon, and I stripped the left side of the river wall and re-set it, so all the problems are new and improved, just for you!  Also, Jon found the most comfortable seat in the house.

Jon in a bucket

Did we mention the Spot has air conditioning?  It’s cooler than outside, so see you here!

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  1. James
    June 10, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    I’ve been enjoying all the Vail updates – thanks for keeping us posted.

    I was at The Spot on Monday, and the A/C didn’t seem to be doing its job then. I moved from Georgia to Colorado to get AWAY from this kind of heat!

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