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Setting Update for 6/15 and 6/16

Remember this hold?

Notice the proliferation of t-nuts on this baby. They're all sunk straight into the polyurethane, and are perfectly straight!

Check out the right river granite to see what Jon did with it–pretty cool.  On that note, it’s been a month since The Battle in the Bubble, so the strip and reset process is back to normal.  Last week we stripped and reset the left river granite, and this week we did the right river granite and left dojo.  Most of you will be glad to know that we took those big volumes off the bottom of the right river and added a few of ’em back on, but higher up.  We’ve actually got quite a bit going on now in the volume department, between the Detroit Rock Climbing Company’s mini bolt-on volume (above), the two mini Motivation Volumes (also bolt-on) that Jonny brought back from his week of setting the World Cup in Vail (more on his role there to come soon), and several of our bigger gray triangles that require a slightly more involved mounting process.

We've got these Motivation Volumes, but ours are colored!

On the left side of the Dojo you will also see a brand new urethane PUSHER Molecule hold–one of the very first hollow-back Molecules in existence!  It’s a slightly larger pour than our old blue molecule, and it’s so big it’s almost its own volume.  Did we mention the hollow-back?

New Pusher Molecules!

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