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Setting Update 6.22.10

Today was a busy (and hot!) day as Carlo, Jon, Garrett, Jay Jay, and I stripped and reset the right side of the Dojo.  Helping us out were guest setter Max Zolotukhin (who you may remember from the Battle in The Bubble) and guest intern setters Dallas Milburn (from Team BRC) and Colleen Brents (Spot employee and Team Sik Bird).

Dallas Milburn | DM

Dallas has set some before, and put up three nice problems on the right side/middle of the cave.  You’ll see his initials on a neon green 4-, a black and dark green 5-, and a neon yellow 5-.

Colleen Brents | CAB

It was Colleen’s first day twisting a wrench, ever!  She is responsible for a fun pink 3 and a nice dark green 3+ out the left side of the cave.

Newly set Dojo

Newly set Dojo far right side

The rest of us had some fun with some of our favorite features, like Revolution’s The Boss (the one at the link is a slight variation), E-Grips’ The Bubble Wrap Pinch WedgeTeknik Fat Slopers, The DRCC’s Hole (ours is a comp pour so it’s not quite as positive as the one you can buy from their site), and, of course, some big Climb-It Jugs to help you get out the roof.  Enjoy!

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