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World Cup Soccer and a Quick Setting Update for 23 June 2010

Ok, so today started out a bit slowly as everyone was really interested in the USA vs. Algeria World Cup game this morning.  Max and Garrett were so into it that they couldn’t even stop watching while we were stripping the wall!

Max and Garrett couldn't be away from the World Cup for even a moment!

Eventually we all gave up and just watched the last 8 minutes of the game before starting to set, which turned out to be a good call because in the last 4 minutes Landon Donovan scored a pretty awesome goal–the only goal of the game–which meant Team USA won.  While the rest of us watched from Max’s computer and Max ran around screaming for the goal, Garrett was sorting bolts and watching on his phone with headphones and, because the stream on his phone was about a minute behind Max’s computer stream and he had his back to us, he didn’t know there was a goal til a minute later.  It was pretty funny to watch Garrett jumping around at the bolt cart after we’d already stopped.  Anyways, if you didn’t watch the game, at least check out the highlights.  There aren’t that many goals scored (usually) in a 90 minute World Cup game, but the ones I’ve seen so far this year have all been amazing.

And the setting update: Jonny is still out of town and Max is still helping, so today Max, Jon, Carlo, Jay Jay, Garrett, and I set the back scoop of the Hueco with a bunch of problems from 1 Spot to 5 Spot.  Kyle Owen came by to help us forerun, and we ended up with several 1s and 2s, many many 3s and 3+s, and a few 4- and 4 and 4+ as well.  And a 5 or two.  Between that and yesterday’s Dojo set, you should have plenty to climb on ’til next Tuesday.  Enjoy!

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