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Quick Update and Jon’s new project

If you’ve been to the Spot this week you already know, but last week Carlo, Jon, Jonny, Garrett, Jay Jay, Ty Foose and I re-set the entire Font boulder.  The most exciting part is probably the new volumes and the awesome problems that climb onto and around ’em.

Two new Volumes!

Slab problems!

I’m out of town, but I guess the boys and Jay Jay began resetting the new wall last week.  They’ll have to keep you posted on that, or you’ll have to get down to The Spot and check it out.

In even more exciting news, Jon Glassberg has started a new website that is basically a video/beta guide for Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can check it out here: RMNP Video | Bouldering Guide.  It has tons of videos from all the areas of Rocky and often has more than one video for a problem so you can see how different people have climbed it.  You can also watch Colorado Glow, a longer park-based bouldering film that Louder Than 11 produced last year.

Visiting climber Emiliyan from Bulgaria sending Tommy's Arete (Emeralds) last summer. If you want to check out the climb, video of someone else climbing it can be found on Jon's new site. (I'm not sure the guy in the video starts from the right place though, I think he's a move in?) Anyways, enjoy!

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