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8-17-10 Setting Update

So a couple of things happened today.  First off, a few weeks ago Daniel Woods went up to Minnesota and shaped his signature Nicros hold set.  The new DW signature holds–2 copies each of a pinch set and a pocket set–are now up on the left Dojo.

Jon laying next to the DW Signature Set

Along with those are tons of other holds, since we set upwards of 20 new problems today on the left Dojo.  One especially special part of this last set was the Bubble Triumvirate–a set of 2 gigantic bubble wrap features and 1 comp pour bubble wrap feature that make a U of amazingness on the headwall.

Jonny taping part of the Bubble Triumvirate

Also exciting was Jon’s taping revolution–the new chico.  You’ll notice regular chico dots, stripes, and squiggles as well, but the new chico is formulated to better stay on the wall.  Check it out on this ridiculous boulder problem:

Jon came up with a chico dot revolution--a way to make the chico stay...

So here’s the wall.  More coming tomorrow…

The new Left Dojo

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