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Setting Update for 8.24 & 8.25, More New Taping, a Job, an Invitation, and a Really Long Bolt

First Things First – The Setting Update

You should know that we’re setting tomorrow (8.26), for our third day this week.  So far we’ve completely stripped and are resetting the Font Boulder.  We had a meeting for part of today so that’s why we’re setting tomorrow–so the boulder is super full!  We took the big volumes down in preparation for the upcoming ABS Sanctioned Gun Show on September 25th.  Click HERE to find out more or to register online for the event, or for the 4 comp SBS Season VI package that comes with a free t-shirt and other benefits.

Joel Zerr using the tools at his disposal.

Speaking of volumes, here’s Joel Zerr, a setter from Nevada, showing us another handy use for those big volumes while setting at High Altitude Fitness in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada (where I guest set when I was visiting my family last month).  High Altitude Fitness was so inspired by Psychedelia that they threw their own blacklight comp last year and hired pro climber and setter Jason Kehl (who sometimes guests at the Spot)  to help them set for it.  It’s always nice to see a little gym doing their best for their community.  But I digress…

More New Taping

Jonny's volume with Jon's griptape and jib job

There are actually 3 interesting things about this picture.  See, on Tuesday Jon set a boulder using the little Motavation Volumes that Jonny brought home from setting the World Cup in Vail this year.  Jon decided to see how a little grip tape would improve the volume, and he discovered that it makes it a really cool hold in it’s own right.  Flipping it to an undercling proved a little too powerful, hence the little jib on the right face to keep you on the hold for a still-difficult move.  The third cool thing about this picture is that you can see another addition to the Taping Revolution–the pink and red half & half.  Innovation!!!

A Job

The Spot Climbing School is hiring a new coach for the 2010/2011 season.  If you’re interested in applying, read THIS and then email coaching@thespotgym.com with a resume and cover letter.

An Invitation

Tomorrow, which is Thursday, August 26, 2010, The Spot is hosting a Welcome Back Bash for students and everyone else who’s back to regular life after summer vacation.  Come on down to The Spot from 5-10pm for free climbing as well as burgers & Avery Beer and membership specials to get you set for the school year.  Sign up for a SBS VI Season Package or a 2-Semester Student Membership and be entered in a raffle for cool prizes, including climbing shoes from La Sportiva!  For more info check: Facebook | Welcome Back Bash or click HERE for more info.

And Finally, The Really Long Bolt!

How big is that bolt? Soooooo big! It's mindboggling!

We have a running joke here about how deeply into the boulder some of the t-nuts are set.  Carlo was trying to put a foothold on the bottom of the Font, and kept having to get a bigger bolt…until this happened…

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