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Setting Update for 8.31 & 9.1 + Carlo is a freak

This week we reset the front of the Hueco boulder.  It was just Jon, Carlo, Garrett, and I, as Jay Jay is out of town and Jonny has started his new job at the hospital.  Don’t worry, Jonny isn’t gone for good, but he can’t set quite as often cause he’s working nights in the ER and needs to get some sleep.  He did meet us for lunch on Tuesday.  We had Half-Fast, and a weird coincidence:

Usually we all get different cards... Maybe we should have gone to the casinos in Blackhawk instead of going back to work.

I didn’t take a picture of the new Hueco, but rest assured that there’re many fun new problems to climb.  We’re trying a new system in which we pre-assign a grade spread across the wall.  I can’t tell if it’s resulting in any more problems of any certain grade than we had before, but it does seem to get the setters branching out a little.  It’s also good for us in the run-up to comp season to practice hitting certain grades (usually we have a vague idea of how hard it’ll be and it usually falls around there, but with this system we’re trying to stay spot on). On that note, if you’re climbing 4-5- the new Hueco has a lot to offer you.  There are some good 3s as well, and some 5+s, but the 4-5- are really where it’s at!

Hueco Hold Selection set 1

To make it all possible, Jon spent a large part of Tuesday washing holds and washing the beer out of our setting buckets that were used as keg coolers for the Welcome Back Bash.  His efforts resulted in this:

Those buckets are bigger than Carlo!

Which is not why Carlo is a freak.  Wanna know why? Check out his new website:  Carlo Traversi to find out.  Later!

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