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Setting Update for September 7&8th 2010

Carlo and Jon went and got some long-exposure shots of the fire burning it's way through the canyons northwest of Boulder.

If you live here you know it’s been pretty smoky this week, but not nearly as bad as it could have been, I think because the Boulder Bubble pushed most of the smoke around Boulder and towards the Eastern plains and Denver.  The Spot has been combating the smoke but it hasn’t been bad enough that you’d notice it while climbing.  Running around outside is another matter though.  Anyways, we did two different walls this week, with Tuesday’s focus on the back scoop of the Hueco…

The new Hueco Back Scoop

…where we put up problems from 1 spot to 5- spot.  These problems will only be up for a few weeks, since the ABS Sanctioned SBS VI Comp 1 – The Gun Show – is coming up at the end of the month.  Click the link to pre-register, or sign up for the whole season for $90 and get 4 comps, VIP benefits, and a free t-shirt!  Also, climb these problems asap, cause they’re a very limited time offer!

Today (Wednesday) we stripped and reset the Yosemite Boulder.  There were several stuck holds, leading to Jon doing some ladder aerobics with the long arm to get them off:

Garrett trying to keep Jon's ladder from falling over when that hold he's working with the pry bar comes loose. This is sketchier than it looks.

Meanwhile, Jay Jay volunteered her services to wash all the Yosemite holds so we could put them back up.  She put on her special outfit to combat the noise and wetness of what is essentially a power washer in a closet:

Nice outfit Jay Jay!

Unfortunately, 3 buckets of holds later, she was still looking a little more drowned than she’d have liked to:

Two showers deep, and it wasn't even 11 am yet!

I didn’t take any pictures of the finished Yosemite Wall, but trust me, it’s spectacular.  There’re over 20 new problems and routes up as well as two traverses (black and white) that cross the entire bottom of the wall.  In case anybody is wondering, Yosemite problems/routes have two finish boxes.  The first is the problem finish box, midway up the wall at the “maximum bouldering height” line.  The second is the route finish box, which you may only climb up to if you are tied into a rope and being belayed.  This finish box will be near the top of the wall.  Besides the taped routes, the Yosemite also has several climb-able natural lines you can test your skillz on.  Enjoy!

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