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Setting Update for 9.14/9.15, an Opportunity, and a Bear Claw Deadpoint

Setting Update:

Next week is the comp, but we decided to put up some new problems on the Beach this week everyone will stay psyched and challenged by new problems before The Gun Show!!!  On Tuesday Jon and Garrett stripped the Beach and Carlo helped them set a few problems.  On Wednesday Jay Jay and I were back as well and we put a full day into problems from 2 spot to 5 spot.  Of considerable note is the extremely limited time offer of Jon’s white problem that starts right of the main prow and then cuts up and left across the prow with some toe hooks on the big purple halo hold.  This problem is one of a kind and is definitely worth the effort to all you 5 spot climbers out there who can land like cats if your foot happens to slip out while you’re hanging below it.

Jon's white problem starts on the orange hold in the middle/right of the picture, goes right, then dynos up, then surfs left to the halo, then down and left, then up and left, then up!!! You can also see Garrett's brilliant black problem that starts bottom left of the prow and climbs up through the roof to an amazing campus-to-pockets move at the top.

Here are some photos of the rest of the wall:

The blue problem in the left scoop is pretty cool, if I do say so myself. Don't forget to smear!

Jay Jay's yellow on the left has some interesting moves on it. Also, you can see Carlo's dark green pinch masterpiece with the double dyno finish!

An Opportunity:

Setting a comp starts with stripping and washing every hold in the gym.  This is done in the evenings, as we don’t want to shut the walls down any sooner than we have to.  We are looking for volunteers to help us with the stripping and washing portions of the job.  Volunteers at the Spot are expected to treat their job professionally (i.e. show up and work hard) and can earn trade memberships in exchange for their help.  If you are interested in helping, or want more details on the program, please contact us at spotsetters@gmail.com.

Here are the hours we could use help with the upcoming comp:

Wednesday, September 22nd — 9pm-11pm or so — stripping beach & dojo, sorting & washing holds

Thursday, September 23rd — 9am — washing holds

Thursday, September 23rd — 9pm — stripping rest of gym, sorting and washing holds, general pick-up

Friday, September 24th — 9am — washing all remaining dirty holds

Again, if you are interested in helping, please contact us asap so we can get your hours figured out.  We have a limited number of positions available, and it’s first come, first served.  Thanks!

A Bear Claw Deadpoint:

We’ve been talking about setting this move for…months.  Now it exists.  Jon was really on a roll last week:

Carlo sticking the Bear Claw Deadpoint

You start on two opposing holds with middle feet, you have to go with one hand, and you have to hit it perfectly or no sticking.  Bear Claw Deadpoint!!!

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