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The Gun Show setting has begun! (and schedule)

The setting process for SBS Season VI Comp #1 (aka The Gun Show!) has begun!  Tonight we and several wonderful volunteers stripped and cleaned up the beach and the dojo.

We got everything done so fast that we had time to get the new volumes set up and we’re ready to come in tomorrow and start setting the comp problems on those two walls.  They are closed to climbing until the comp on Saturday (if you are competing, otherwise you have to wait til Sunday for new problem awesomeness).

If you are planning to climb in the Spot tomorrow, the Font, Hueco, River, and Yosemite will be open until at least 9pm.  After 9 we’re going to start stripping the gym systematically, so you should be able to climb til closing time-ish with little problem.  Friday we will be closed all day to set the remaining comp problems, so take a rest day and don’t forget to pre-register for the Gun Show! (link at top right)

The Gun Show is an ABS Sanctioned comp, so there’ll be 50 problems (Youth, Recreational, Intermediate, Advanced, and Open) + the usual pro finals, not to mention the huge raffle, free food and beer, and general frivolity you’ve come to know and love at Spot comps.  $30 competitors ($25 if you are a USA Climbing member) and $10 for all spectators after 4pm (includes free food/beer).  See you there!!!

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