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The Gun Show is happening NOW!

For the last 2.5 days the setters and an awesome team of volunteers stripped and cleaned up the whole gym.  We started out on Wednesday night by dropping the Dojo and The Beach, then on Thursday the Dojo and Beach got set and the rest of the gym came down.  Friday we finished the rest of the problems, and now it’s comp time!  Here are some photos:

Jon playing with fire as he fixes a volume before we re-painted and re-hung it.

And here's volunteer Andy Anderson, who got a little bit wet washing all those holds.

I9 might be a little hard to catch.

Jaime showing off her rush-order custom-made SBS VI t-shirt pants on the morning of The Gun Show! Behind her you can get a sneak peek of some of the boulders...

The youth comp starts in 1 hr, at 1pm.  At 3 we feed ’em tacos, and at 4 they stop climbing and head upstairs for raffle and awards as adult registration begins.

This kid is PSYCHED! Check out his awesome Spot tattoos!

Adults climb from 5-8, then there’s a huge raffle, food & beer, and pro finals!  Though heavy hitters D. Woods and Paul Robinson are out of town, there are rumors that a few less local strong boys will show up and give us a great show.  Same goes for the women’s event–since Alex Puccio is in Europe, it’s game on!

Don't miss your chance to climb on this never before seen Teknik triple blob. Innovation...passion...oh yeah, and awesome boulder problems.

So get down to the Spot now for THE GUN SHOW!!!

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