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Gunshow Finals Highlights Video, Reset Update, and a magical Pegasus

Gun Show Finals Video:

Reset Update:

Today is Wednesday, or, as we like to call it, day 3 of the reset and day 5 of setting in the last 7 days.  We’re taking tomorrow off, but we’ll be back Friday to add more light-fill, probably on the Font boulder.  So far this week we’ve added problems to the River, Dojo, and Beach.  You can read about Monday’s reset of the River here (and see pictures below).

The new Left River wall. Check out those slopers!

River arete--fun for all ages!

The Right River and a little Left Dojo

On Tuesday Jon, Garrett, and I reset the Dojo, meaning this awesome double volume is now accessible via several different routes instead of just the one.

Notice all the brown screw-ons--they're a problem!

More new Dojo

The taping revolution has continued, with these gems on the River:

Red teeth, stripe


And today Garrett, Jay Jay, Jon, and I set a bunch of problems on the Beach.  I added another Dynofest (to compliment the one Garrett added yesterday on the right Dojo) and everyone set fun problems of all grades.  After lunch we got lucky and Jonny Hork stopped by early for forerunning, so he decided to set a problem.  For those that don’t know, Jonny has been working nights in the ER so he’s been taking off setting for a few weeks.  His overly tired attempts to set a boulder were pretty funny at first, but he somehow didn’t fall off his ladder or drop a hold on anybody and ended up with a pretty neat problem.  It’s on the right Beach, and includes the DRCC Master hold.

Magical Pegasus!

JJ's ode to the dust bunnies

Enjoy all the new problems!

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