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Psychedelia 2010 preparations video + a nice referral

Besides setting a bunch of problems for Psychedelia, including part of the Men’s Final, Jon spent a significant amount of the pre-comp days with a camera, making this “making of” video about Psychedelia.  In it, you will hear a little about what it takes to put together an event like this, and you will see what we setters look like when we’ve spent 3 days and parts of nights in the gym, in and out of blacklight (we darken the windows on the morning of day 2, so it was like being in a basement or something) as we set and climb and decorate and do everything else that we need to do to make Psychedelia such a unique event.  So forgive us for our droopy eyes and pale faces, and enjoy the vid!

As you can see, there isn’t much blacklight in it til the photos at the end.  Obviously, a finals video of Psychedelia would be amazing to have, but unfortunately the black-light situation, combined with quickly-moving competitors, makes it really hard to capture good quality video that will be watchable.  Mostly, Jon explained, you’d see the holds and the spectator’s t-shirts (i.e. everything that stays still for long enough to be accurately captured).  So, there is no finals video.  Sorry.  I wish there was too, cause the women swinging from the bones and Adam Markert swinging upside-down in his spiderman costume from the toxic waste barrel were two of my all time favorite comp moments.  Ever.  And I’ve seen/been to MANY of comps.  Here are a few pics though, and you can see the rest at: Spot Facebook Psychedelia Album by Adam Bove and if you go to our Facebook page you will see a link to pics by Danny Gale and Keith North as well.

I don't know what's going on here, but it is AWESOME! | photo by Keith North

Nice glowing Verve on the Women's Final | photo by Keith North

Men's final | photo by Keith North

The Fire Dancers | by Adam Bove

2nd place winner Larissa Phillips on the Women's Final | photo by Adam Bove

Spider-adam Markert on the Men's Final | photo by Adam Bove

Kara Caputo showing good style on the Bone Swing | photo by Adam Bove

Matty Hong getting back on the wall on the Men's Final | photo by Adam Bove

There are a TON more photos on Facebook–just click the link above to check ’em out.

As for the referral?  Turns out other setters think the freedom we get at Psychedelia is pretty awesome: Routecrafting.  So do we!

The bones and toxic barrel problems will be up until early next week, so if you want to climb on them, get to the Spot asap!

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