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Halloween Party and a Funny Video

A Sweet Party

Sorry the picture isn’t bigger, but I had to steal it off Facebook.  Speaking of Facebook, if you want to go to this all night private halloween party being held at The Spot, tonight, Oct 30, 2010, with some of Boulder’s best techno DJ’s, I’ve got good news–you are invited, and so are your friends.  BUT, you have to do two things to get in the door.  1) Have i.d. and a small cover to help them re-coop the costs of renting all the equipment and the space ($5 from 10-11pm, $10 after) and 2) Go to this page: Facebook | Project_SIN: Halloween Techno Party and RSVP for each person that is going.  It is not a Spot sanctioned event, it is a private party being held at the Spot, and we need a complete guest list for liability reasons.  Check the Facebook link to sign up, get more info, and listen to some music samples.

A Funny Video

Jon, Jonny, and our buddy Alex Hanifin made this video for Carlo, since he’s having fun in Switzerland and we’re stuck here working.  Too bad he trusted them with his car keys:

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