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A Foregone Conclusion and a Helpful Elephant + a Quick Setting Update for 11/2

...imagine the grass is pine needles...

So last weekend I was up in the Flatirons, probably 40 minutes from the nearest road, minding my own business and bouldering with some friends, when I happened upon this lying in this totally random off-trail place.  It looked almost exactly like this, except the case was flipped the other way so the camera and silence button and headphone jack weren’t exposed, and neither was the charger input at the bottom of the phone.  Basically, the 1/2 case was situated in such an accidently ideal way that it made the phone more or less watertight.  I probably would have picked it up no matter what was on the case, but the elephant journal.com sticker on the back made me think that the phone probably belonged to someone I knew, or a friend of someone I knew.  I figured I’d put a “found” notice up on elephant journal and the person, who is clearly a fan, would see it and know I’d found their phone.  In case you don’t know, elephant journal is this awesome alternative-news site that is run by local climber Waylon Lewis.  The site focuses on all different aspects of spirituality, yoga, awareness, green living, and other fun stuff.  It’s kind of like Huffington Post, but for spiritually aware, eco-minded folks.  There’s a link to it on our right links bar, cause we like it so much.  If you’ve never seen it, you should really check it out.  Click here: elephant journal: Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality.

Anyways, so I picked the phone up and turned it over, and this is what it looked like:

Probably didn't not fall off a cliff, is all I'm sayin'...

But still, it was just the glass.  I figured the phone might still work.  I picked it up and took it home.  The next day I remembered it was in my pack, and I plugged it in to charge.  After a few minutes, it woke itself up and turned on, and seemed to be working perfectly.  There were 4 waiting texts, 24 emails, and a number 17 in the red box on the phone icon.  Clearly it’d been lost for a while-a few days at least.  I thought for a minute about how to figure out whose phone it was without snooping through it too much.  I decided to start with contacts and see if there was anybody I knew in ’em.  Turns out, there were two people I knew, who happen to be a married couple.  I still didn’t know whose phone it was though, and I thought that saying “Hey, I found someone’s phone who has your number, do you know whose it is?” might be a little weird.  I decided email was the obvious next step, so I clicked the email icon and instantly was brought to gmail, which welcomed the phone’s owner by name.  Bingo.  I went onto Facebook to see if I could find the person.  I did, and I was in the middle of writing her a message, when I stopped short.  My pre-teen Encyclopedia Brown/Harriet The Spy/Nancy Drew reading kicked in.  “The phone is pretty destroyed.”  I thought.  “And it was way back in the woods.  I wonder if its owner met foul play?  I wonder if her kidnapper is checking her Facebook inbox.  He’ll see I found it, and it’ll have evidence on it that links him to her disappearance.  Then he’ll come find me!”  I know, it’s ridiculous. It’s how amateur spy novels always start though, right?  I’m a writer, I really can’t help imagination overload sometimes.  So anyways, I decided that I’d call our mutual acquaintance and find out if the owner was still alive.  I got voicemail though, so I had to leave a more…reasonable…message in which I asked if she could put me in touch with the owner.  Then I put the phone down and went back to my work.

A little while later, my subconscious spit an idea into my conscious train of thought–emails are dated, and since the phone was deactivated, the date of it’s last emails would be near to the date the phone was lost.  I opened the email again, and saw the date–September 11th.  Now, this is something impressive.  An iphone was lost, in the woods and rain and even snow, for almost two months, and besides the screen’s destruction, the phone basically worked good as new.  I figured if the owner disappeared almost two months ago we’d have heard about it by now, so it was probably safe to send her a message.  It also occurred to me that the owner might be a Facebook friend of The Spot, and that if she had current Facebook action that’d be a second confirmation that she wasn’t disappeared, so I logged in to the Spot Facebook  and looked her up.  Sure enough, she was there, and had even been to Psychedelia last week.  I sent her a message telling her I had her phone, and that it more or less worked, though it looked like it’d been dropped off a cliff.  She got back to me the next day telling me that, in fact, it HAD been dropped off of a cliff, and she was excited to come pick it up for her contacts and pictures on it.  And that, so far, is that.  I just want to reiterate something here though–I always think of iphones as fragile, but this one was dropped off a cliff, then exposed to the elements for SIX WEEKS before I found it, and when I plugged it in it started up like new.  I am IMPRESSED.  In a related note, the owner is part of a company that makes special gloves specifically for using touch screen smart phones in cold weather.  You can check ’em out here: Conductive Gloves by Agloves.  Weird.  And speaking of weird…

In a cut scene from the Psychedelia video, here's Jay Jay Fester sneaking up behind Jon while he was talking into the camera.

Ok, so that’s enough of the phone story. though I’ll keep you all posted if there are any more exciting developments.  In Spot news for today, Jon had lunch with us and then got on his plane for Switzerland (and we’re all jealous), and Jonny, Danny, Garrett, and I set a bunch on the front of the Hueco Boulder.  We put up almost 20 problems from 3- to 5+, with the bulk being in the 3 and high 4/low 5 range.  Tomorrow it’s the Beach people.  We hope you got your fill of the finals problems, cause if you didn’t you’re just going to have to wait until next year.  New problems!  More new problems tomorrow!  Joy!!!

  1. Emily
    November 2, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    HAHA! What a great little bit of detecting you did…also I LOVE the pic of JJ as Fester sneaking up on Jon. Hilarious!

  2. Jackie
    November 3, 2010 at 7:59 am

    thanks Emily! it just now occurs to me, she’s more like Jay Jay It than Fester…but oh well, you get the idea! she was poisoned by our toxic waste barrel and began growing hair uncontrollably! we had to tie her down and shave her. : )

  3. November 3, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    YAY! That phone certainly was a trooper. I can NOT believe you found it.

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