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Setting Update 11.3.2010

Well, the reset stage 1 is complete.  Today we set the Beach, and now we’ve put up new problems on every wall in the gym.  All the Psychedelia hanging objects are down.  Don’t despair though, cause we replaced the big hanging features with other moves so the finals problems still exist, they’re just slightly different now.  Next week we’ll start adding problems to already set walls.  We won’t start stripping ’til the first week of December when we set for the next comp, so you have ’til then to do your projects.  Just so you know.

Lately a few people have mentioned grades, as in not being able to find as many problems of a grade as they’d like to see.  We’ve made a big effort to keep a reasonable and regular grade bell curve in the gym, and with the reset we have approximately 168 boulder problems in the gym from 1 spot to 5+ spot.  Bear in mind that some terrain won’t accept certain grades of problem, so in those cases we do our best so set jug hauls that may be graded 2, 2+, or even 3- but that will be doable with a small amount of climbing experience.  Further breakdown, for the interested:

1-, 1, 1+ spots – 14

2-, 2, 2+ spots – 6, 9, 9 = 24

3-, 3, 3+ spots – 20, 12, 10 = 42

4-, 4, 4+ spots – 16, 17, 17 = 50

5-, 5, 5+ spots – 14, 10, 14 = 38


In the next 2 weeks before Thanksgiving we will keep filling in the gaps and adding to all the grades so everyone has new problems to work on up until the next comp.  Enjoy!



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