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OMG Switzerland! OMG Flatirons!

So, I think I keep mentioning that Carlo is in Switzerland, tearing it up.  Now Jon G is there as well.  Also, so far, tearing it up.  We are all Extremely Jealous.  If you’re interested, you can keep yourself updated on their trip here: Switzerland!!!!

Youth Teamer Andre Hamm on Party Trick at the Bear Canyon Boulders | photo by Jay Droeger

Luckily, the weather here in Colorado is pretty freakin’ nice, so we get to get out climbing as well.  The alpine areas, which seemed snowed out for the season, may now be back in play (at least the lower ones).  I spent two days last week at various areas in the Flatirons, and had a fairly good time, despite the 40 minute walks both required. Front Range Bouldering and Mountain Project are good resources to find these nearby outdoor areas, and, of course, the many Colorado Bouldering guidebooks that exist, though the information in some should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.  Honestly, so many strong climbers, and so many explorer under the radar strong climbers, have lived in this area for so long that it’s really hard to say what has been done before and what hasn’t.  Some guidebook authors have named and added obvious lines that hadn’t been sent yet to their books (for example, in one book, the problem “Tied to the Mast, V12” was actually an undone project that turned out to be Daniel Woods’ “The Game” V16).  Other problems never were recorded at all, and lichen and moss grow back faster than most of us think.  Nevertheless, there are literally tons of boulders in our own backyard that are ripe for the climbing while the weather stays good and if you don’t mind walking a little bit.  Check ’em out, and make sure to be clean about it–even at remote areas we keep finding climber trash…  And to keep fit for this outdoor crushing?  Of course, come in to The Spot!!!

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