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Adventure Film Festival and a National Outdoor Book Award

Adventure Film Festival
The Spot is selling tickets to 2010’s Adventure Film Festival.  If you don’t know, the Adventure Film Festival was first conceived by the late Jonny Copp in a tent in the Himalaya.  His friend Mark Reiner joined him a year later, and from there several friends including The Spot’s graphic designer Jose Yavari and our website designer Ben Alexandra, helped grow it into the internationally recognized festival that it is today.  Because we live in Boulder, we’re lucky enough to attend the festival in person.  You can buy tickets at The Spot, or, if you’ve been thinking of getting a Spot annual membership, you’ll get a 3-day festival pass, that’s a $50 value, for free!  Click on the banner above for more details about Adventure Film, and come down to the Spot to get your tickets or membership + free pass.

National Outdoor Book Award

As a writer in the climbing industry, it is always exciting to me when another climbing writer is recognized for one of his or her efforts.  Andrew Bisharat, who you probably know as an editor of Rock and Ice Magazine, recently wrote a book about Sport Climbing that looks like this:

This book just won the National Outdoor Book Award in the Instructional category.  Yay Andrew!!!  So, if you haven’t read it, I’d suggest checking it out or maybe buying it for Christmas for all the learning-to-sport-climb or wanting-to-know-more-about-sport-climbing-ers in your life.  Andrew is a clever and funny writer, so it’s gonna have all the info you need but written in a way that you actually enjoy reading.  Here’s the video teaser:

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