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Did I mention…Adventure Film???

Tonight was the first night of the Adventure Film Festival.  Below is the trailer:

Brett, Clink, Shannon (a new coach at The Spot!) and I joined the many Boulderites who came out to watch the first 4 films in the 33 film series.  After a nice cocktail hour at next-door George’s, we ate oranges and chocolate ghosts from the Whole Foods Market table and Clif Bars from the Clif Bar table while checking out displays from La SportivaLeave No Trace, Patagonia, a fishing company I can’t remember the name of (sorry guys!), and The Jonny Copp Foundation.  Other sponsors of the event include National Geographic (I know, right?!), Black Diamond, Neptune Mountaineering, Ryders eyewear, The AAC, Google Earth, Sherpa’s, Elevation Outdoors, Alpine Media Duplication, Paradox Sports, the Boulder Outlook, Silver Lining Builders, REI, and, of course, THE SPOT!

Malcolm Daly welcomed everyone to the event and reminded us that the companies that sponsor events like these do it because they want to support the community, and that it’s nice that when we buy things to think about who is supporting us and events we want to be a part of.  It’s one of those things that is obvious, but because it is so obvious it tends to get overlooked.  The climbing community, and industry, is still quite small, and so if you’re going to buy a new down jacket, why not buy it from the company that supported that awesome film festival you just saw?  Anyways…

After Malcolm and Michael Vladick gave the introduction we settled down for a nice 7 minute film about bringing skateboarding to Afghanistan that was called Skatistan.

I would have liked to see a little more story and depth to the piece, but the shots were beautiful and the narration touching.  It was pretty surreal to see a few kids on skateboards in what is essentially a destroyed city (Kabul), riding through the dust and gravel of dirty streets and crumbled buildings.  If you check out Skateistan’s website you will see more about the indoor facility they have built to teach all Afghanis who want to learn how to skate.  They have expanded the facility to include education, and teach classes, arts, and even computer skills.  They also just built a climbing wall!  They are a non-profit, and their approach is really cool, so take a minute to check ’em out: Skateistan.

Next we watched a hilarious (really) 45ish minute movie about fly fishing called Eastern Rises by Felt Soul Media, which as far as I can tell is a guy named Travis from Telluride and maybe his friend Ben as well.

The film was very professionally done, both in filming and editing.  It had the audience laughing from the start, which is good because most in attendance were climbers as is the norm around Boulder (instead of fly fisherman, who were probably the target audience for this film).  Apparently Travis and Ben have made a few fishing movies before this one, and I heard from a very trusted source who I just met that the previous film (something about chasing a rooster in Baja?) was just as funny.  Anyways, this film is worth the effort to see, it is seriously entertaining.

I missed most of the last two films.  The first was a 5 minute skiing piece called Desert Rivers.  The second I watched 15 minutes of, but I was tired and it was a ski movie and so I bailed.  It was called Australis: An Antarctic Ski Odyssey and was about Chris Davenport and some friends taking a boat down to Antarctica to ski.  I saw a similar (albeit much shorter) boat-ski-trip movie in last year’s Warren Miller film, except those guys were north instead of south.  The juxtaposition of the boat and water with the snowy mountains certainly looks beautiful, but it seems to me that the actual experience might be more work than fun.  On the other hand, we all know that oftentimes the work is part of the fun of it.

There are many more events to attend in the next two days.  After Boulder the festival will travel on to Chamonix and Chile!  Check out: Boulder Schedule to see the what/where/when of the next two days here, and if you go HERE, you will be able to read about and play a short clip from each of the films.

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