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Week Off + Food Drive + Octopus

Week Off and SBS VI Highball/Highline Comp Schedule

Hello folks.  So this week is our week off.  Happy Turkey Day!  We’re taking off because it’s pre-comp.  Here’s the schedule for next week:

Wednesday 10am – Beach closed for floor re-packing

Wednesday 9pm – Dojo closed for stripping, Beach stripped

Thursday all day – Beach and Dojo closed for setting

Thursday 9pm – Rest of gym stripped in a round robin, starting with River Wall and moving on til it’s all stripped.  If you are climbing Thursday pm you will have some wall/s to climb on until regular closing time at 11pm.

Friday all day – gym closed for setting, Spot members can climb at BRC

Saturday – Highball Highline Comp!  You may recall last year when Andy Lewis stuck his 2nd ever highline backflip for a ridiculous end to the competition.  Well, in the course of a year some major forward leaps have been made in slackline technique, and you can check out some of the new moves on videos from Gibbon’s site: Gibbon news & videos and Gibbon Teamrider Videos.  Here is a trick video that Andy and Michael Payton made at The Spot this spring:

For a video of last year’s Spot event and details for this years, check out the Spot’s site: SBS VI Highball/Highline.

Food Drive

We decided to extend the food drive that we began for our 8th birthday in early November.  The deal is this:

1. You bring in a few cans of food or other non-perishable items.

Here is a list of what they most need:


~ Canned Fruit

~ 100% Fruit Juice

~ Cold & Hot Cereal

~ Canned Tuna/Fish and Meat

~ Canned Chili and Stew

~ Pasta Sauce

~ Peanut Butter

The following items are probably not needed, so if you do happen to have some lying about your pantry, please do not donate them:


Is this like chicken curry?

If we get enough food, we hope to donate an entire octopus!

Yes, please.

They also need other stuff, like:

~ Dipers

~ Shampoo

~ Laundry Detergent

~ Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

And of course:

~ Money.  Feeding America is a national network of food banks and receives manufacturer donations of food if they pay for the packaging and shipping.  Donating money to Community Food Share allows them to buy up to 4 times the amount of food per $1 than you can at the grocery store.  You can make a check out to Community Food Share as your donation if you’d like.

2. We give you a $7 daypass or $10 off the price of a membership (if you are a current member it’ll be off your next membership)

3. We donate the food we collect to Boulder’s Community Food Share.  They distribute it as needed as part of the national Feed America network.

4. Everybody wins!

You can donate food regardless of your need for a reduced membership or daypass, after all, it’s the holidays–a time of giving!

Thanks everyone!

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