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December 4th – Highball Highline Comp comin’ at ya!

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.  Now it’s time to get psyched up for the Highball/Highline comp coming up on Saturday, December 4th!

Said at last year's event.

I think I reminded everybody already, but if you missed it, we will be closing the Beach on the morning of Wednesday, December 1st, in order to reconstitute the padding.  At 9:30pm we will strip the Dojo and the Beach.  SO, if you want to climb any problems on the Beach, you have to do ’em by Tuesday night.  For the Dojo your last chance is Wednesday at 9:30pm.  Thursday both walls will be closed for setting.

Jeremy Louis throwin' down at last year's event.

Thursday night, at 9:30pm, we will begin stripping the rest of the gym, beginning with the river wall.  If you are at the gym late on Thursday, you can be assured that some wall/s will be open until our regular closing time of 11pm for you to climb on.  Friday we will be closed all day for setting, forerunning, and highline set-up and practice, but if you are a Spot member you can climb at the BRC, for free!

By the way, if you are interested in being a part of the highline event, you need to get a hold of Adam Broadbent (email climbingschool@thespotgym.com) asap.  See you at The Spot!

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