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Food Drive wrap-up, the Beach pads get a face-lift, Highline setting starts, and Carlo & Jon are back!

Food Drive Wrap-Up

So first of all, the Food Drive was brief, but went pretty well for our first effort.  Here’s the take:

Our Thanksgiving Food Drive collected a bunch of cans for Community Food Share. Thanks to everyone who donated!

The Beach Pads Get A Facelift

Josh, Brett, and a bunch of volunteers spent their Wednesday re-stuffing and shuffling the Beach’s Asana comp flooring to make a more uniform surface.  Remember that landing on this surface is different than standard blue padding or crash pads, and if you’d like to know more about it please ask at the desk.

Pads stacked to be re-placed.

Brett Merlin and Brent Apgar considering the pad puzzle.

Highline Setting Starts & Carlo and Jon are back!

Today was the first day of setting for SBS Season VI Comp 3 – the Highball/Highline Comp.  Last night after they finished improving the padding we stripped the Beach and the Dojo.  When we strip the walls, part of the time is always spent removing stuck holds.  We are only able to access the back of the Beach, part of the River, a very small section of the Hueco, and most of the Dojo, and when a hold is stuck in one of those places it’s often preferable to unbolt the hold using a long arm and wrench on one side of the wall and a pair of vice grips on the other.  Last night, to welcome Carlo home, we let him be the vice grip guy on a hold stuck high on the roof section of the Dojo.  As is obvious if you consider the height of the Dojo cave and the depth of the workout space above the Dojo, there isn’t much room to fit a setter in to get at the t-nuts.  You have to crawl on your belly to reach some of the topmost t-nuts.  Dusty is an understatement.  This is what Carlo looked like after two long plane flights, a 15 hour layover in Boston, major jet lag, a few beers, an hour and a half of stripping, and 10 minutes with the vice grips.  Was that shirt clean?  Oops.  Doesn’t Carlo look glad to be back?

The dust on his shirt kinda looks like a weird alien print, or something you'd see on the cover of a Tool album.

When we took down the tufa, this is what the wall looked like.

Garrett forerunning an early iteration of a problem for the Highball/Highline on Saturday. Jon's shadow watches him.

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