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Vision Climbing Holds

Ok, so over the next few weeks we will be testing and comparing holds from several different companies.  If you climb at the Spot we will set specific problems with each company’s holds and ask for your feedback on things like shape, texture, climb-ability, overall impressions, etc.  The request was for companies to send us new stuff, stuff they were excited about, and/or stuff that they feel embodies their company.  I will try to post all the holds in the test here as they come in so you can see what’s coming.  I am going to reserve my opinions until I’ve collected other’s so I don’t skew anybody’s results.  So here it goes, hold company #1 – Vision Climbing.

Vision Climbing is a climbing hold company based in Ohio and run by female climber, setter, and shaper Lynnette Miller.  She sent us some glow holds for this year’s Psychedelia, and a few holds from different sets for this test.  This is what we got for the test:

Vision Climbing Holds

The 6 blue holds at the top, obviously because of their size, are footsies.

The 3 large green holds on the left are comfortable mini-jugs.

The 2nd set of 3 green holds are small crimp/thumb catch things.

The 4 white holds in the middle are pinches.

The 3 purple holds 2nd from right are flake-like mini-jugs.

The 3 blue holds on the far right are various shapes from the new Font set.

  1. jf
    December 3, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while.. good on you guys! Always taking ideas out of my head…

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