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Highball Highline Finals Results! Slacker Sundays! and The World’s Greatest Flasher

The World’s Greatest Flasher!!!

Watch. This. Video.

Highball/Highline Results

Sorry I don’t have any event pics yet, but I will post ’em as soon as I see ’em.  Here are Youth and Adult results.  More from this and other Spot events here. Let us know if you have any questions or see any errors–events@thespotgym.com.  And here’s a short rundown of the open finals:

Men’s Open Finals

A strong contingent of men showed up for the open category, and after crushing many (most?) of the open problems we had our 6 finalists, all who were, fortunately, in attendance (see Women’s Open Finals for a slightly different scenario).  So who were these strong men?  Qualifying in order from 1st – 6th were: Jon Cardwell and Matty Hong (tied for first), Colin Bauer, Ian Dory, Gabor Szekely, and Tyler Haack.

The men’s final was set by Carlo Traversi, who you probably know got back from Switzerland.  Carlo quickly came up with a few neat balance moves followed by a powerful drop-down and then a sequence of burly pinch throws to a campus from the double bubble to the finish pinch. Tyler and Gabor both dropped off on the pinches before Ian barely climbed through them for the problem’s first flash.  Colin Bauer came out and also succumbed to the pinch sequence, as did Matty on his first go, though he was able to send the problem 2nd try.  Last out was Jon, who fought through the pinches to powerfully flash the boulder and win the comp.

Men’s Open Finals Results

1. Jon Cardwell

2. Ian Dory

3. Matty Hong

4. Tyler Haack

5. Colin Bauer

6. Gabor Szekely


Women’s Open Finals

The Women’s Open Finalists were surprisingly difficult to figure out because when we compiled the youth and adult results it turned out that 3 of the finalists, including 1st place, should have been youth competitors.  Unfortunately, Megan Mascarenas (1st), Laurel Todd (4th?), Isabelle Goodacre (5th?) and Tika Anderson (6th? 7th?) had all left the gym and therefore couldn’t compete in finals.  Tika made it back just before Jesse, who qualified in 1st, was to take her turn, and unfortunately we couldn’t let her compete at that point although it would have been sweet to have Tika in her first Spot finals ever.  Anyways, after a bit of running around we found the top 6 competitors who were still present and got them ready for their finals problem.

This comp’s Women’s final was set by Jon Glassberg and Danny Ciavarro.  Unlike the finals problems from the last 2 comps, this problem was relatively short (12 scored holds), and consistently powerful.  Courtney Behnke was up first, and after a strong showing on the bottom moves she took a dramatic belly-flopping fall off the long, powerful move to the big green Climb-it rail in the middle of the problem.  The crowd gasped, but Courtney jumped right up and got back on the problem for her next go.  Chelsea Rude came out next and, after looking a bit questionable on the long move, turned on the power to catch the big green hold in style and hike the rest of the problem for the flash.  Kara Caputo was next, and looked like she was easily flashing the problem until she just missed holding the final hold.  Tiffany Hensley came out for her go looking strong, but bobbled the long move to the big green hold and landed surprised on the mats.  Knowing Chelsea had already flashed, Tiffany decided to go for entertainment value and put on her crazy green-swirly goggles before hiking her way to the hold she’d previously fallen from.  Once she got there she made up for Adam Markert’s not competing and hung around mugging for the crowd before making her way to the final hold where she did a few victory pull-ups before dropping to the mat.  After Tiffany came the twins, Tyler first and Jesse second.  Tyler was cruising, introducing a powerful and styley bicycle for the long move, but she accidentally stepped on an off foothold immediately after and had to start over from the beginning.  Her next go she looked as strong but bobbled a sequence, and her 3rd go she made it all the way to the final move before falling to the mats.  Finally Jesse had her turn, and she cleanly and decisively flashed her way to the win (after countbacks, because she and Chelsea tied on the final but she’d beat Chelsea in the main comp).

Women’s Final Results

1. Jesse Youngwerth

2. Chelsea Rude

3. Tiffany Hensley

4. Kara Caputo

5. Tyler Youngwerth

6. Courtney Behnke


We had some returning and some new slackliners at this year’s Highline event.  One especially neat thing has been watching the progression of some of the returning slackers, including Michael Payton who has been slacking at the Spot for years now.  Watch for video and pictures of the event, and if you are interested in learning to slackline or improving your skills, come to:

Slacker Sundays

The Spot has been holding special multi-slackline sessions after closing on Sundays.  Here is a short promo that Adam from the Climbing School (and regular host of Slacker Sundays) made:

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