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Highline/Highball Resetting Update #1 + A Silly Headdress


As usual, we began our reset on the river granite wall.  Jay Jay was in school, so the team for Monday was me, Carlo, Jon, Jonny, Garrett, Danny, and guest setter Gabor Szekely.


Gabor  |  GS

Gabor has been a route setter on and off for several years and has also climbed up to 5.14d, onsighted up to 13d, and bouldered V13 outside.  He occasionally competes as a member of the Hungarian National Team (his home country, though he was raised in the US) he got 18th at last year’s Vail World Cup.


New right river

We set some 40 boulders on the river wall, 1 spot to 5+ spot.


New Left River


That’s right folks, we reset the Dojo!  Carlo, Jon, Jonny, Garrett, Danny, me, and guest setter Connor Griffith (who just got back from Switzerland with Carlo and Jon) covered the Dojo in problems including several juggy climbs out the roof of varying difficulties and, on the left bulge, a slightly-easier simulator of a V13 from Black Mountain called Bang-On.  Here are some pictures of the wall and the beginning of the simulator.

Connor Griffith | CG

The New Dojo

Bang-On Simulator start hold

Kelly McBride showing how strong you have to be to climb the Bang-On Simulator.


We stripped the stickers off the wall as we set the new problems on the Dojo.  You may have seen some of ’em stuck on ladders or in designs on our foothold bucket.  Today I made a headdress out of some of ’em.

Me modeling version 1 of the headdress

Jaime wearing Version 2 at the Front Desk

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