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New Links – Gravity Assassin & Tekkies, plus L’ouvre Boite

Battle in the Bubble 2011 & Gravity Assassin Productions

Battle in the Bubble 2010 from Gravity Assassin Productions

There is one more comp to go in SBS Season VI, and after that we’ll be gearing up for the Battle in the Bubble 2011!

Gravity Assassin Productions will be producing the event, and I’ll keep leaking info as it comes to me.  You can also find ’em on Facebook.

Tekkies & L’ouvre Boite

A new boulder at the Calgary Climbing Center. Sick! Pic from the Tekkies blog.

If you look to the left sidebar under “Useful Info” you will see a new link for tekkies.  Tekkies is the Teknik handholds setting blog, and one of their setters is Tondé Katiyo, who you may remember from the few problems he set at The Spot a few years ago, or from his part in the crew at the 2009 UBC Summer Tradeshow Comp or the 2010 UBC Nor’easter event.  Tondé has written some very interesting (if you’re a setting nerd) and detailed discussions about some recent setting jobs he’s done.  I highly recommend checking them out.

Also, you might also want to check out L’ouvre Boite.  The site is owned and run by Tondé and 5 other French setters who have teamed up to offer a little more professional, unified setting product.  I think it’s an interesting way to approach the idea of professionalizing setting.

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