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Hold Test Company 2 – Atomik

Atomik climbing holds is a company out of Utah that sent us a large and amazing looking selection of holds for the review.  They also sent us “The Spot” in their new alphabet set.  Here’s a picture of us opening some of the boxes, and stay tuned for more companies and more info once the review is underway.

Yay Atomik Christmas!

Also, you may have noticed the lack of updates lately.  Due to a family health issue I had to head home a week or so earlier than I’d planned, and the drive resulted in a bit of abuse for my car:

It's kinda pretty. Too bad it means my windshield might soon fall out of my truck. Ahead you can see one of the semis in the 4 semi train that threw the rock that did this. Actually, they're not really semis, they're weird trailers being pulled at a funny angle by semi truck cabs. Looked sketchy to me...

And then, while we were eating dinner at a crappy Mexican restaurant in Ely, Nevada, some a**hole backed into me and drove off. Hit and run. Suck.

So, yeah.  Things may stay slow through the holidays, but I’ll be back on the blog a bunch in January for the hold test.  Hopefully everybody is either climbing somewhere great or hanging out with their families for the holidays.  Happy-Merry-Kwanzaa-Festivus-Channukkah-St. Lucia’s Day-Bodhi Day-Las Posadas-Christmas!!!

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