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Vegas, baby! And Jon is famous-er. Kind of.

Vegas, Baby!

Me on a problem called Pork Chop in Red Rocks | pic Natasha Barnes

Well, it just so happens that I, on my way back from Reno, stopped in Joshua Tree for a few days and then in Vegas for a few more.  At the very same time, Jon, Jonny, and Jay-Jay got sick of the snow and came out to Vegas to get a little sun and nightlife of their own.  I didn’t see ’em, cause I caught a cold and spent most of my few days hanging out at my friend’s apartment, but Chris and our mutual friends Max, Natasha, Bruno, Randy, and Jeremy all climbed together, as well as John Dickey, Ethan Pringle, Walker Kearney & family, and a couple of strong local boys like lawyer-to-be Pete Lowe (who has established many of the harder lines in the area).  Basically, there were a ton of folks there, and it was good times.  Too bad I was sick for most of it.  Anyways, here are a couple of mediocre photos and links to Natasha, and Jon’s blog posts about the trip.

Max just before sending Book of Nightmares, V11/12.

Prairie Kearney at the Kraft boulders

The slab, given V4/8 in the book, that Natasha and I spent over an hour figuring out beta on before sending. Notice that all the holds are pointing the wrong way. When we showed up there wasn't even any chalk on it. If you're wondering where we are, The Fountainhead (stellar V9) and Atlas Shrugged (sandbagged sit to the Fountainhead) are just out of frame to the right. Black Velvet Canyon.

It was our friend Jasen's first day climbing, so we took him top roping at a new crag in Red Rocks.

Jon is famous-er!

So, I’m not sure of the backstory behind this one, but apparently Jon is a “Rock Rebel” and there’s an article about him in Lexus Magazine that talks about how cool he is.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get a free Lexus out of the deal, and the author obviously knows nothing about climbing and, according to Jon, misquoted him up the wazoo, but still, it’s pretty cool to see climbing branching out.  Click the picture below to read it.

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