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Gladiator Finals Pictures #1 – Redpoint Round by Keith North + Results!!!

Gladiator Finals Photos!!!
We were excited to use many of the hold review holds along with our normal arsenal in setting the 4o redpoint and 2 open finals problems for the Gladiator Finals.  If there is a hold company mentioned in the photo caption of the pictures below, then clicking on the photo will take you to the company’s site where you will be able to check out the rest of their line and see what they’re all about.  Cool?  Cool!

Redpoint Round

Jesse Youngwerth sending O5 at Gladiator Finals 2011 | Keith North

Staring down the mouth of a brand new Atomik pocket on A6 | Keith North

Dallas Milburn using the brand new Element slopers on O7 | Keith North


Women's Overall Redpoint winner and Team ABC member Megan Mascarenas topping out the tricky Climb-it pinches on A7 | Keith North


Brett Merlin's iron grip on that black dual-tex DRCC pinch isn't enough to keep him from slipping off O6 | Keith North

Team BRC's Dallas Milburn also tried his luck with the pinch. The big orange feature he's moving off is Asana's giant pinch. | Keith North


Speaking of Asana, here's a sweet shot of Tyler Youngwerth sticking a dyno to their new, 100% unique Toadstool roof feature. | Keith North

A9 out the Dojo. A tough problem involving much body tension and tricky toe-hookery. | Keith North


Daniel Woods climbing O2 | Keith North

Grabbing the big 3 Ball Font Feature on the front of the Font | Keith North

Spot setter Garrett Gregor using the new E-Grips Bubble Wrap Sloper on O9 | Keith North


Team ABC's Stefan Lavender showing off his Verve Xeno pants on O6 | Keith North


Daniel Woods holding a ridiculous foot cut on O10 | Keith North

And then falling off the last move... Between this and last year's World Cup photos, it's clear we need to start a "pics of Daniel falling" section on the blog. I think he takes good falls because he always tries so hard to hang on (and it usually works). | Keith North

Shawn Raboutou O2 | Keith North

Redpoint Round Results:

Click HERE for The Spot Gladiator Finals page, HERE for adult results, and HERE for youth results.  For Open Finals results check out THIS POST from earlier in the week.

Check in tomorrow for Finals photos and hopefully some video.  Thanks Keith for all the great photos!!!

  1. Keith North
    January 28, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Shawn’s on open 2

  2. Jackie
    January 28, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Thanks Keith, I fixed it.

  1. June 2, 2011 at 12:09 am

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