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ABS Nationals Results

Men’s Semifinals

Things were looking good heading into semifinals, but, well, I have no idea what happened because I didn’t see it, but after the dust settled Carlo and Jon were in 22nd and 23rd, Garrett was in 18th, and Daniel Woods was in 10th, and the group of 8 men going into finals looked about halfway like The Gladiator Final or the Battle in The Bubble, with just a tad of Canada to make things exciting.  So the running order for men’s finals was:

8. Alex Johnson (Gladiator Finals 3rd place winner)

7. Matty Hong (2nd place at Psychedelia and Highline/Highball)

6. Nic Sherman (Setter for SBS Season VI)

5. Zach Lerner (strong kid from the East)

4. Ian Dory (Multi-time SBS VI finalist, 2nd at Gladiator Finals)

3. Kyle Owen (Remember his crazy sideways dynos on the Hueco boulder?)

2. Austin Geiman (Almost took a digger on final 1 at the Battle in The Bubble)

1. Sean McColl (Canadian wunder-climber)

Women’s Semifinals

Things on the women’s side kept looking strong, with the 3 A’s at the top of the pack and a few other strong ladies you’ve most likely heard of filling out the 7 finalists.  In reverse qualification order (i.e. finals running order) they were:

7. Kasia Pietras

6. Sasha DiGiulian

5. Tiffany Hensley (multi-time SBS VI winner)

4. Francesca Metcalf

3. Alex Johnson

2. Angela Payne

1. Alex Puccio


I’d love to describe this in detail, but I didn’t see any of it.  Luckily, the results were posted here: UBC Results & Running Orders.  Unluckily, at the moment they aren’t working, but if you click the link I bet they’ll be back up.  I don’t remember anything besides top 3, who were:


1. Sean McColl

2. Alex Johnson

3. Kyle Owen


1. Alex Puccio

2. Francesca Metcalf

3. Sasha DiGiulian

Incidentally, because Sean is Canadian, I think it means that Alex Johnson is officially the best male boulderer in America at the moment.  Also interesting, both 2nd placers and women’s 3rd place are under 19 years old, and men’s 3rd place Kyle Owen is only 20.  Sean and Alex aren’t a whole lot older, at 23 and 21, respectively, but they’re already some of the older competitors in a game that is increasingly being taken over by the young guns.  Anyways, here is a link to an article that the Boulder Daily Camera put together that has a video and photos including one of our very own Carlo: Climbers take on Boulder warehouse walls in colorful championship event – Boulder Daily Camera.  I’ll post more media if I see it, but in the meantime check out Facebook for photos from many of the competitors.





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