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SCS Nationals Day 2 — Carlo qualified in 3rd!!!

We are very proud of Carlo, who is in 3rd place going into tonight’s 2011 USA Climbing Sport Climbing Series National Championships.  In 2009 Carlo, a darkhorse at the time, shocked almost everybody when he won SCS Nationals during the winter tradeshow at Momentum in Salt Lake City, Utah.

On top of the podium in 2009

This year the comp is closer to home, so get your tickets at the Spot front desk and get down to Movement tonight to watch Carlo do his best alongside (in order of qualification):

12) Ben Spannuth–Ben is from Colorado Springs, is the organizer of the Collegiate Climbing Series and general nice climber, strong guy, and occasional Spot comp forerunner.

11) Kevin Macartney–I’ve never heard of this young man before but according to Mountain Project he is 20 years old and from Bozeman, Montana. According to his Sendage scorecard he’s climbed up to 13b outdoors.  Nice job Kevin on making finals against this stacked field!

10) Shane Puccio–Alex Puccio’s little brother seems to be coming of age!

9) Ben Hoberg–a young strongman out of Florida that was featured in Urban Climber’s Young Guns 2011.

8) Mike Doyle–this always-friendly Canadian crusher has been performing with the best for years AND he has a real job!  Before he relocated to Las Vegas he was one of Sean McColl’s longtime coaches, and his wife Audrey Sniezek climbs hard 13s and came in 12th in the women’s category at this event.

7) Alex Johnson–you’ve seen this kid recently around the Spot.  He’s the 2011 ABS National Champion, SBS top 3 finisher, and sometimes he climbs in socks!

6) Ryan Sewell–a few years ago Ryan, a young Texas crusher, moved to Boulder and became part of the setting crew over at Movement.

5) Josh Levin–I’ve known this kid since he was winning under-11s in Northern California.  He’s always been super strong and amazingly good at dynos.

4) Jon Cardwell–another Movement setter and all around strong climber who has established and repeated hard testpieces on ropes and boulders in America, Europe, and recently even Brazil!

3) Carlo!!!!!

2) Matty Hong–Boulder local, son of the infamous Steve Hong, 2011 Urban Climber Young Gun, 2011 SBS Series top 3 in each comp he entered, and amazing climber on routes and boulders.

1) Magnus Mitboe–Norwegian crusher who excels at both route climbing and bouldering and has several times placed top 3 at USA Climbing comps and won last year’s sport nationals.  His girlfriend, American Sasha DiGiulian, is in first position for women after qualifiers.

Also notable:

~ Spot setter Garrett Gregor barely ever route climbs but after a short trip to the Red River Gorge where he did his first 13d he competed in this event and ended up in 22nd place.  Way to step out of your element Garrett!

~ Spot Front Desk favorite Alex Stiger (aka 5) competed as well and came in 15th.

~ Several SBS 2011 women’s open finalists qualified for finals including:  Chelsea Rude (4th), Alex Johnson (7th), and Tiffany Hensley (8th).

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