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Battle in the Bubble 2011 is postponed + World Cup Vienna

BITB 2011

You’ve probably already seen the news on Facebook, but in case you haven’t, Gravity Assassin has announced that the 2011 Battle in the Bubble has been called off for the moment due to a sponsor back-out.  Sorry.  We’re bummed, but hopefully it will all come together for something even bigger and better in the not-too-distant-future.

World Cup Bouldering in Vienna, Austria Top Results

Yesterday was the Bouldering World Cup in Vienna, and it was all broadcast LIVE on IFSC tv with our very own favorite Alex Johnson commentating and our other favorite Alex Puccio coming into finals qualified in first.  Then there was final problem 3, and the dyno on problem 4 to contend with.  When it all shook out, the top 3 results were:


1. Anna Stohr   (AUT)  – 2 in a row!  She won Slovenia just two weeks ago!

2. Alex Puccio (USA) – and 3rd in Slovenia.  Also recently climbing consistently hard outside, including a V12 (8a+) in a day.

3. Olga Shalagina (UKR) – this girl DESTROYED my category at the 2001 Youth World Championship in Imst.  In fact, she destroyed the men’s category too–we had one of their routes for our final and she CAMPUSED a section that most of the guys, including a young Kevin Jorgeson, failed on.  It’s cool to see she’s still crushing.

*Alex Johnson ended up in 25th (out of 45), and gave some very informative and professional commentary on the live feed of the finals.

*Full Women’s Results HERE


1. Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS) – I’d never heard of this 24 year old Russian, but his track record is impressive so hopefully we’ll see him in Vail this year.  (Rustam Gelmanov, the Russian guy who usually shows up and does well in Vail, also made finals at this event).

2. Klemen Becan (SLO) – One of the happiest guys in climbing and a tough competitor in lead and bouldering comps, Klemen (who also qualified in first), took 1 try too many on the finals problem and ended up taking 2nd.  He was psyched though, as only he and Dmitry were able to stick the difficult sideways dyno that was the 3nd move of men’s final 4 and his efforts were loudly applauded by the crowd.

3. Lukas Ennemoser (AUT) – Another young guy, 21 year old Lukas Ennemoser posted his best adult World Cup result yet with this 3rd place finish.

* Ethan Pringle competed and took 16th out of a 65-man field.

* Full Men’s Results HERE

There should be highlights up on the ISFC tv site soon, and you can also watch other highlights from IFSC events this season here:  IFSC.tv : Live Climbing from Around the World.

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