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Vail World Cup 2011 Semifinals and Finals today!

Semifinals starts at 10am and you can watch the climbing live here.  Finals is scheduled to start at 5pm, though Rock and Ice said the broadcast starts at 4:30pm.  If you’re anywhere in the Front Range, I’d say just drive on up to Vail.  There’s lots to do at the Teva Mountain Games, and the excitement of being at a big comp like this in person is indescribable.

Slovenian Mina Markovich working her way towards a 12th place qualification. | Klemen Becan

Yesterday Team America did quite well, with 6 male and 8 female climbers qualifying for today’s semifinals.  After semis, the top 6 climbers will enter a round-robin style final in which the competitors take turns on each boulder (i.e. everyone tries Final 1, then everyone tries Final 2, etc…) so it is very easy for the crowd to follow each climber’s progress and the overall progress of the field.  This scoring style is often very exciting to watch, as the climbers can usually have an idea of how they are doing from the sounds of the crowd and the faces of their fellow competitors.  As the last problem gets closer the pressure mounts and lately it has come down to number of tries to divide the top competitors into first, second, and third places.  Should be a very exciting day for all who are up in sunny Vail.  On that note, I’m planning to head up there, so if you want to stay up to date you’ll have to watch the competition for yourself on IFSC.tv, or check the competition calendar for updated results.

Americans you can watch today in semifinals (qualification place in brackets)


Alex Puccio (3rd)

Alex Johnson (5th)

Dana Riddle (7th)

Tiffany Hensley (10th)

Angie Payne (11th)

Chelsea Rude (16th)

Tyler Youngwerth (17th)

Kasia Pietras (20th)


Daniel Woods (1st – 7 way tie)

Julian Bautista & Zach Lerner (tied for 9th)

Carlo Traversi (11th)

Austin Geiman (13th)

Ian Dory (18th)


To see the rest of the scores for the qualification round, scroll down.  The top 20 climbers in each category should be in semis today.


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